Prof Dr Theodore L Turocy

Prof Dr Theodore L Turocy

Researching the economics of decision processes: game theory and behavioural economics

Works in progress

Radoc, B., Sugden, R., and Turocy, T.L. Correlation neglect and case-based decisions. Version of 27 November 2017

Rentschler, L. and Turocy, T.L. Tu mihi soli places: An experiment on the competitiveness of all-pay auctions with private information. Version of 6 November 2017

Fallucchi, F., Luccasen, R.A. and Turocy, T.L. The strategic sophistication of conditional cooperators: Evidence from public goods games. Version of 18 October 2017

Fallucchi, F., Luccasen, R.A. and Turocy, T.L. Identifying discrete behavioural types: A re-analysis of public goods game contributions by hierarchical clustering. Version of 8 August 2017

Chowdhury, S.M., Mukherjee, A. and Turocy, T.L. That’s the ticket: Explicit lottery randomisation and learning in Tullock contests. Version of 17 July 2017

Turocy, T.L. and Cason, T.N. Bidding in first-price and second-price interdependent-values auctions: A laboratory experiment. Version of 18 December 2015 · Supplementary appendix with bid function fits · Data and bid function fit scripts · Full participant instructions, all treatments

Mayer, A. and Turocy, T.L. Wage bargaining with direct competition and heterogeneous access to vacancies. Version of 16 December 2013

Turocy, T.L. An inspection game model of the stolen base play in baseball: A theory of theft. Version of 22 August 2014 · As SSRN working paper 2485178

Kaplan, T.R. and Turocy, T.L. Behavioural bidding in first-price auctions: Marginal or average-case reasoning.

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